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Daily Fresh Milk Delivery Bhiwadi

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Fresh Farm A2 Cow Milk,Pure Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk in Bhiwadi

Payoda Dairy Farm delivers unparalleled quality A2 cow milk, pure cow milk, and buffalo milk, bottled in glass for freshness. Serving Bhiwadi Location, our farm-to-door service ensures hygienic free delivery within 4 hours of milking. Experience incomparable taste and purity with every sip! Download our payoda dairy farm application

Why Choose Payoda Dairy Farm Milk!!

Get Fresh Milk Home Delivery in Bhiwadi With Affordable Price

No Adulteration

Our high-tech milking process includes in-line cooling and touch-free packaging, which eliminates human interaction and, as a result, the possibility of adulteration. Daily lab tests serve to underline our commitment to producing 100% pure milk.

No Antibiotics

Our cows are given the best health care possible, including regular check-ups by trained veterinary doctors. Any cow that becomes ill is isolated from the herd and given specialist care. Consumers receive milk only from healthy cows.

Healthy Heart

Farm fresh milk is preferable to pasteurized milk in terms of health and nutritional benefits. Raw milk from a cow is an all-natural product that has more amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antimicrobials , fatty acids and boosts healthy heart rate.

Boosts Immunity

Several studies claim that farm fresh milk helps to strengthen the immune system. The various nutrients included in raw milk help to enhance the immune system by providing ingredients required for both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

Bhiwadi Milk Home Delivery

Payoda Dairy Farm takes pride in delivering premium, non-pasteurized A2 cow milk, pure cow milk, and buffalo milk, all filled into glass bottles at our Bhiwadi location within just 4 hours of milking. Our state-of-the-art milking process incorporates in-line cooling and touch-free packaging, mitigating human interaction and thereby eliminating the risk of adulteration.

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through daily laboratory tests that validate the purity of our milk, ensuring that every bottle meets the highest quality standards. By leveraging advanced technology, we prioritize the integrity of our products, preserving the natural goodness of farm-fresh milk.

At Payoda Dairy Farm, we understand the importance of providing not only the freshest milk but also guaranteeing its purity. The use of glass bottles reflects our dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, further enhancing the overall quality of our offerings.

As a customer-focused dairy farm, we are dedicated to fostering trust through transparency and reliability. Our meticulous processes and stringent quality control measures reinforce our promise to deliver 100% pure, farm-fresh milk to our valued customers in Bhiwadi and beyond. Experience the unparalleled taste of authenticity with Payoda Dairy Farm – where purity meets perfection.

Stronger Bones

When compared to pasteurized milk, fresh milk straight from the farms has a higher concentration of calcium in it. Calcium contributes to the development of bones that are both stronger and healthier.

Weight Loss Friendly

Farm fresh milk provides a number of nutrients that may aid in weight loss and prevent weight gain. For example, its high protein level keeps you fuller for longer, which may help you avoid overeating.

Stronger Digestive System

Farm fresh milk is high in good bacteria and creates an excellent probiotic drink that can help our digestive system. It contains a number of enzymes that aids in the digestion of meals.

No Plastic Use

Our premium cow’s milk is delivered in glass bottles and is 100% pure, natural, and nutritious. Payoda is motivated to conserve the environment and reduce the plastic burden on Mother Earth.

Our Process

Quality at Every Step: The Step-by-Step Process of Payoda Dairy Farm's Products

Machine Milking

Machine Milking

Machine milking at Payoda Dairy Farm involves using automated milking machines to extract milk from cows. This efficient process ensures hygiene, reduces labor, and increases milk yield. The benefits include improved udder health, consistent milking, and overall higher productivity.

Bulk Milk Chilling

Bulk Milk Chilling (BMC)

Bulk Milk Chilling (BMC) is a process where milk is rapidly cooled and stored in large tanks on dairy farms. Our Farm benefits from BMC by preserving milk freshness, inhibiting bacterial growth, and maintaining quality. This efficient method ensures optimal milk quality and extends shelf life, enhancing overall dairy production.

Quality Testing

Quality Testing before dispatch to customer

We ensures rigorous quality testing of milk before dispatch. This includes thorough checks for purity, hygiene, and nutritional content. Adopting this process guarantees customers receive premium, safe, and high-quality milk, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Contactless Bottle

Contactless Bottle filling

Contactless bottle filling at our Farm ensures hygienic milk processing. The automated system minimizes human contact, reducing contamination risks. This innovative approach enhances product quality, safeguards consumer health, and streamlines production efficiency.


Packaging in Glass bottle

Packaging in glass bottles at our Farm ensures product integrity by protecting against external contaminants and preserving freshness. The non-reactive nature of glass maintains the quality of dairy products, offering superior taste and extended shelf life. This eco-friendly choice enhances sustainability, reflecting Payoda's commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

Door to Door Delivery

Door step delivery within 4 hours of milking

we ensures doorstep delivery within 4 hours of milking, guaranteeing freshness and quality. This innovative process minimizes storage time, preserving nutritional value and taste. Customers enjoy farm-fresh dairy, while Payoda reduces waste and sets a new standard in dairy product delivery efficiency.

Happy Client

What Our Clients Say About Us!

Milk in Bhiwadi
Daily Milk Delivery Bhiwadi
Rekha Muni

High quality milk at a very affordable price. Can't ask for more. Highly recommended. Recently visited their farm and was highly impressed with what I saw. It's a huge free range farm wherein the cows have a huge shed to move around freely. They have installed fans and coolers all around the farm to ensure the cows are happy. Happy cows give the best milk.

Best Milk in Bhiwadi
Milk Delivery in Bhiwadi
Sudhansu Padhy

Payoda Dairy Farm has been my trusted source of cow milk for the past eight months, and I couldn't be happier with their products. Their commitment to quality is evident in the pure and delicious A2 milk they provide. The farm's dedication to the well-being of their buffaloes is commendable. I highly recommend Payoda for their exceptional dairy products and ethical practices

Milk Subscription Bhiwadi
Dairy in Bhiwadi
Bishnupriya Sahoo

I was looking for fresh and pure cow milk in Gurgaon. So thanks to Payoda for providing to my expectations. I’m using Payoda Cow milk since last 6months and happy to find it fresh and pure in form . I am using this milk for curd, ghee and as makeup essence due to purity . I can recommend all to be a happy subscriber of Payoda milk.

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Best Fresh Milk in Bhiwadi
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans.Payoda Dairy Farm offers the purest and freshest A2 cow milk and buffalo milk in Bhiwadi. Our milk is non-pasteurized, ensuring you experience the natural goodness straight from our farm.
Ans.Absolutely! Payoda Dairy Farm specializes in delivering farm-fresh milk within 4 hours of milking, directly from our farm to your doorstep in Bhiwadi. Experience the difference with our 100% pure and hygienic milk.
Ans.For the best and freshest milk in Bhiwadi, choose Payoda Dairy Farm. You can conveniently order through our application, available on the Play Store, or visit our website. Alternatively, contact us directly through our phone number for a quick and easy ordering process.
Ans.Ordering our farm-fresh milk is easy! You can download our application from the Play Store, visit our website, or contact us directly through our provided phone number. Choose the convenience of pure and fresh milk delivered to your doorstep in Bhiwadi.
Ans. Payoda Dairy Farm distinguishes itself by avoiding the use of plastics and chemicals. We prioritize the health and well-being of our customers by delivering milk in glass bottles through a contactless filling process. Our focus is on providing the purest and most hygienic A2 cow and buffalo milk.